Baby 3 In 1 Tricycle

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Inflatable Battleship Pool Float – Float with Built-in Water Gun

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Laying Hen Toy

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Children Portable Microscope 60-120x


Artwork Storage Flip Frame for Kids

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Baby Swimming Floats

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Dancing & Twisting Cactus Plush Toy

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Play & Grow – Learning Toys for Little Hands!

Explore our adorable learning toys for your little ones at Junior Haul! We firmly believe that the most effective educational toys for young children are entertaining and serve as the foundation for significant development. Move past simple shapes and colors and envision little ones holding magnifying glasses to discover the wonders of nature (science!) or construct grand forts with building blocks to enhance spatial awareness through laughter (early math skills!). Explore a wide range of toys that encourage creativity and cognitive development in children. Let them discover new interests and learn through interactive play.

Picture small hands holding magnifying glasses, discovering hidden treasures in the grass (science in action!), or constructing strong forts with building blocks, improving spatial reasoning skills with every laugh (hello, early math!). These are just glimpses of the endless possibilities of suitable educational learning toys for toddlers. At Junior Haul, we go beyond mere entertainment and provide resources to spark imagination, promote healthy growth, and create cherished memories that will endure forever. Kids learning toys for our youngest adventurers (18 months and older) should focus on sensory exploration and discovery. Sandboxes and water tables transform into tiny beaches and pools, helping them develop fine motor skills with scoops and sieves.

As children age (3-5), their curiosity proliferates! Toddlers learning toys for learning should now promote creativity, critical thinking, and imagination. Building blocks are not just for stacking; they turn into magical realms, enhancing spatial skills and critical thinking as they build. Sidewalk chalk and large crayons enhance their artistic side, promoting self-expression, hand-eye coordination, and color identification. Leave behind the stress, welcome the sunlight, and allow your little one to explore the world through play with Junior Haul. We offer all the essentials to make cherished memories and foster their innate curiosity, one laugh and one educational adventure at a time! So, delve into our assortment of educational toys today and begin an exciting journey of exploration with your child! The enchantment of outdoor play is waiting!