Mom’s Breast Shield

Original price was: US$40.00.Current price is: US$29.45.

Baby Electric Nose Cleaner I Safe & Effective

Original price was: US$59.45.Current price is: US$39.45.

Baby Electric Nail Trimmer I Safe & Effortless Nail Care

Original price was: US$59.45.Current price is: US$39.45.

Peek a View Baby Monitor

Original price was: US$181.45.Current price is: US$160.45.

6 layer Swaddle Blanket

Original price was: US$77.45.Current price is: US$56.45.

330° Pan Camera Wifi Baby Monitor

Original price was: US$174.45.Current price is: US$138.45.

2.4G Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Original price was: US$110.45.Current price is: US$84.45.

USB Baby Bottle Warmer I Baby Feeding Bottle Warmer

Original price was: US$30.00.Current price is: US$19.45.

Short Sleeve Nursing Top

Original price was: US$55.00.Current price is: US$39.45.

Postpartum Belly Support Band

Original price was: US$50.00.Current price is: US$34.45.

Baby Pillow Head Cushion

Original price was: US$35.00.Current price is: US$24.45.

Mom’s Nursing Bra

Original price was: US$40.00.Current price is: US$29.45.

Newborn Batman Sleeping Bag

Original price was: US$79.45.Current price is: US$59.45.

LED Display Electric Breast Pumps

Original price was: US$110.00.Current price is: US$79.45.

Striped Loose Nursing Sweatshirts

Original price was: US$70.00.Current price is: US$49.45.

Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder

Original price was: US$25.00.Current price is: US$14.45.

Baby Reusable Diaper Mat

Original price was: US$45.00.Current price is: US$29.45.

Baby Feeding Saliva Towel

Original price was: US$9.00.Current price is: US$4.45.

USB Port Backpack – Baby Diaper Bag with Charging Port

Original price was: US$115.00.Current price is: US$84.45.

Baby Crib Hanging Essentials Bedding Bag

Original price was: US$95.00.Current price is: US$69.45.

Baby Breastfeeding Nursing Covers

Original price was: US$30.00.Current price is: US$19.45.

Newborn Head Protector Travel Bed

Original price was: US$75.00.Current price is: US$54.45.

Anti Colic Milk Training Bottle


Fluffy Baby Swaddle

Original price was: US$55.00.Current price is: US$39.45.

Prepare for Parenthood – Explore Coming Home Essentials at Junior Haul!

Junior Haul offers a wide selection of coming home essentials to help ease the transition for your newborn. We recognize the joy and anticipation that accompany bringing baby home for the first time. Our carefully curated collection of essential products is aimed at making this milestone as smooth and delightful as can be. The Coming Home Essentials range includes all the necessary items to establish a cosy and nurturing space for your little one from the instant you arrive home. Whether you need comfortable bedding sets, practical baby care Essentials, or engaging nursery decorations, we have everything you need to ensure a seamless journey.

Mums can rely on Junior Haul‘s specially designed pillows for optimal positioning during feeding. At the same time, bottle-fed babies benefit from BPA-free bottles equipped with slow nipples that replicate natural breastfeeding. Sterilizers and heaters play a crucial role in maintaining hygiene and ensuring comfort during bottle production. Junior Haul provides a range of baby care essentials that are tailored to meet the needs of your babies. We understand that bath time is a particular bonding time, which is why unscented, tear-free washes and lotions are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. After a warm bath, use our luxuriously soft hooded towels to baby wash and clean with our gentle washcloths. Our small, ergonomically designed bathtub provides a safe and comfortable space for this vital routine.

At Junior Haul, we understand the importance of supporting your child’s growth beyond basic needs. Our play mats are available in a variety of colours, textures, and interactive components to provide your little one with a safe and engaging space in which to develop motor skills during tummy time. In addition, our mobile toy can be attached to prams or beds, ensuring your baby is comfortable and active while you are out and about, helping with their vision and hearing development. We know that each family is different, so we provide a range of top-notch products for your little one. Whether it’s sleep items, feeding gear, bath essentials, or safety equipment, we have what you need to welcome your baby into a caring environment. Discover our collections and choose the best products for your journey into parenthood.