Anti Slip Sock

Original price was: US$29.00.Current price is: US$19.45.

Baby Cartoon Themed Head Protection Pad

Original price was: US$50.00.Current price is: US$29.45.

Crawling Baby Knee Pad Safety

Original price was: US$30.00.Current price is: US$19.45.

Baby Playpen I Baby Activities & Gear

Original price was: US$390.00.Current price is: US$279.45.

Plug Covers

Original price was: US$35.00.Current price is: US$24.45.

Baby Foldable Seat I Portable Seat For Toddler’s

Original price was: US$65.00.Current price is: US$44.45.

Wrist Link Toddler Safety Leash

Original price was: US$30.00.Current price is: US$19.45.

2.4G Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Original price was: US$110.45.Current price is: US$84.45.

330° Pan Camera Wifi Baby Monitor

Original price was: US$174.45.Current price is: US$138.45.

Inflatable Battleship Pool Float – Float with Built-in Water Gun

Original price was: US$80.45.Current price is: US$59.45.

Peek a View Baby Monitor

Original price was: US$181.45.Current price is: US$160.45.

Baby Swimming Floats

Original price was: US$95.00.Current price is: US$69.45.

Create a Secure Environment- Explore the Latest Kids Safety Essentials

Keeping children safe is a top priority for parents and guardians. When it comes to kids safety essentials, many products and practices can go a long way in creating a safe environment for babies and toddlers. Junior Haul understands the importance of the basics of child safety and offers essential products to address them. Junior Haul offers solutions for a variety of safety concerns, from baby-proofing products like safety locks and corner guards to outdoor products like UV protection sunglasses. to the environment.

The Junior Hauls baby-proofing products range includes several essential items designed to protect young children from potential hazards around the home. Junior Haul offers comprehensive solutions to prevent accidents and injuries, from safety locks that secure cabinets and drawers to corner guards that absorb sharp edges. In addition, their range includes socket covers to protect curious fingers from sockets, providing a safe environment for babies to explore. With safety products from Junior Haul, parents can create a safe space where little ones can play and grow without unnecessary risks.

Baby safety products are essential to protect babies and ensure their well-being in various environments. Junior Haul offers a range of innovative baby safety products designed to meet different aspects of baby safety. These products include, for example, seat belts for babies and toddlers, which provide additional support and stability to the child’s head and neck while driving, reducing the risk of injury in sudden stops or accidents. In addition, Junior Haul offers baby sleeping bags made from soft, breathable materials that keep babies comfortable and safe while they sleep, minimizing the risk of suffocation and overheating. Other safety products offered by Junior Haul include protective sunglasses specially designed for children to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays when outdoors and promote eye health and safety from an early age.