Baby Fleece Winter Warm Jackets

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Kid’s Fur Hooded Jacket

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Baby Trench Overcoat

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Cozy Comfort Guaranteed – Kids Puffer Jackets!

Junior Haul offers kids puffer jackets to keep your little one comfortable and fashionable all year round! Whether it’s a cold morning, a snowy day or a sudden rainstorm, our wide selection of children’s clothing ensures that your children are ready for anything. Junior Haul offers a wide range of puffer jackets for children designed to keep your child warm or cold days. The materials used to make these jackets are infused with down or synthetic insulation and can be found in a variety of colours. They also have waterproof shells, cosy fleece linings, and removable hoods for added warmth and protection. No matter where they go in the snow or on a hot, humid autumn day, your child will feel at ease with the Junior Haul Puffer Jacket.

Another hero in cold weather is rain, which wins the battle. The Junior Haul raincoat is designed to keep your child dry on wet weather adventures. These kids rain jackets are made from waterproof materials and have taped seams to keep your explorer dry despite the rain. Look for details like hoods with attached visors to protect your face from the pouring rain. Many raincoats also come in fun colours and prints, making them a stylish choice for wet-weather outings. Junior Haul provides a diverse selection of kids coats & jackets, catering to different needs. In addition to puffers and rain jackets, there are lightweight windbreakers for spring, denim jackets for cooler evenings, fleece jackets for layering, and parkas for the coldest winter days.

Investing in quality kids outerwear is essential to keeping your child comfortable and healthy during the cold months. Junior Haul uses durable materials and construction techniques to ensure their coats and jackets last for years. Junior Haul offers a wide range of kid’s outerwear to ensure your child is ready for any weather. From puffer jackets to raincoats, everything is there to keep your child comfortable and dry. Check out their collection now to support your child’s adventure!