Baby Breastfeeding Nursing Covers

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330° Pan Camera Wifi Baby Monitor

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2.4G Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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USB Baby Bottle Warmer I Baby Feeding Bottle Warmer

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Short Sleeve Nursing Top

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Baby Foldable Seat I Portable Seat For Toddler’s

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Baby Pillow Head Cushion

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Mom’s Breast Shield

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Mom’s Nursing Bra

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Mickey Mouse Baby Care Backpacks

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LED Display Electric Breast Pumps

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Smart Rechargeable & Wearable Breast Pump

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Mother’s Silicone Nipple Shield

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Striped Loose Nursing Sweatshirts

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Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder

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Baby Feeding Saliva Towel

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USB Port Backpack – Baby Diaper Bag with Charging Port

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Baby Crib Hanging Essentials Bedding Bag

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Anti Colic Milk Training Bottle


Gyro Bowl For Toddlers

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Feeding Time Made Fun – Explore Feeding Essentials at JuniorHaul!

Junior Haul offers a wide selection of feeding essentials to ensure that feeding time is comfortable and convenient for you and your baby. Our range of nursing bras prioritizes comfort, with soft and breathable fabrics and wireless designs that offer exceptional support. With the convenience of one-handed clips, discreet feeding is effortless. In addition, our nursing pads are highly absorbent and leak-proof, which gives peace of mind and prevents possible milk stains. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose between disposable or reusable options.  Get a breastfeeding pillow with ergonomic support. Not only does it give your arms and back the support you need to ease the strain during long feeding sessions, but it also helps you achieve a comfortable and successful latch.

At Junior Haul, we understand the special difficulties and happiness that come with breastfeeding. Our commitment is to offer a variety of breastfeeding essentials that aim to enhance your breastfeeding journey by ensuring comfort and convenience. Our products offer comfort and protection. Lanolin, a natural nipple balm, effectively soothes and heals sore or cracked nipples. It also helps prevent further discomfort. For moms who have a hard time latching on, nipple shields offer temporary relief and help establish a successful breastfeeding routine. Our high-quality BPA-free bags make pumping, storing, and transporting milk easy. Keep breast milk at the ideal temperature with our insulated coolers or bags, ensuring its safety and nutritional value during travel or storage.

We have carefully selected a variety of baby-feeding essentials to make your journey with your baby smooth and enjoyable. Make sure to get secure highchairs or booster seats for safe mealtimes. Use bibs to protect your baby’s clothes from the mess and use suction-bottomed bowls and plates to minimize spills. Soft-tip spoons are perfect for introducing solids, and easy-grip cups help with the transition from bottles. Don’t forget to use wipeable bibs, easy-to-clean utensils, and safe detergents for easy post-meal cleanup. As your little one grows, you can also explore our steamers, processors, and storage solutions for making homemade purees!