Flying Saucer Foot Launcher Toy

Original price was: US$64.45.Current price is: US$43.45.

Remote Control Double Sided Stunt Car Toy

Original price was: US$73.45.Current price is: US$52.45.

High Speed 4WD Drift RC Car

Original price was: US$80.45.Current price is: US$59.45.

Crawling Crab Toy With Music And Light – Fun and Interactive Toy

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RC Pool Toy Dragon

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Kids Automatic Electric Water Gun Toy

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Inflatable Battleship Pool Float – Float with Built-in Water Gun

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Transformer Car Toys

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Dolphin Bubble Launcher Toy

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Baby 3 In 1 Tricycle

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Kids Foldable Basketball Hoop Toy


Children Portable Microscope 60-120x


Baby Swimming Floats

Original price was: US$95.00.Current price is: US$69.45.

Fuel Your Child’s Imagination – Action Figure Toys for Kids at Junior Haul!

Are you in search of Action Figure toys for kids? Look no further than Junior Haul! Our toys are not just about fun; they are about sparking your child’s imagination and creativity. Unlike larger transformers, our mini versions are designed to be smaller and lighter, making them easier for your child to handle and play with. They are made of durable materials and adorned with vibrant colours, making them a visual delight for your little one. At Junior Haul, our mission is to bring boundless joy to children through our transformative toys. These captivating characters open the gateway to a world of robots and machines, ready to embark on thrilling adventures with a few simple clicks and adjustments. Experience the joy on your child’s face as they discover the magic of our transformer toys!

At Junior Haul, we take pride in our diverse range of toys. We don’t just offer transforming robots but also a wide array of action toys. These toys are inspired by popular characters from movies, comics, and cartoons, bringing beloved fictional universes to life in your child’s room. Our action figures come with exciting accessories like weapons, gadgets, and mini vehicles, adding more opportunities for imaginative play. Our character toys span a wide variety, from well-known licensed characters to unique creations. They are designed to foster a strong bond between your child and their favourite characters, whether they are cute animals or powerful superheroes. Explore our collection and find the perfect toy to ignite your child’s imagination!

Junior Haul is the ideal playmate for any age, whether they prefer transformers, a world filled with action figures and heroes, or the toys of their favourite characters. These toys ignite the imagination, promote storytelling, and can even inspire children to create stories. When children use these toys, they improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. If you want to nurture your child’s creativity and make playtime more than just fun, check out Junior Haul’s selection of transformative toys, action figures and characters. These bright colours and imaginative toys can transform a child’s room into a world of endless possibilities.